ur-q wheels on 200q20v (pictures)

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Thu Jul 5 15:41:38 EDT 2001

Looks cool, but next time roll that 200 out of the garage, into the sunlight!
You'll get much better photos.

92 Cabrio 2.3E

Henry A Harper III wrote:

> Haudi,
> There has been at least one request for the pictures I have taken of 8x15 ur-q
> wheels on a 200q20v, so having received clearance from the vehicle's owner, I
> now present some mediocre scans of the somewhat mediocre pictures (oh, that's
> *links* to the scans, of course):
> http://netnow.micron.net/~hah3/audi is the directory
> the only things in there are http://netnow.micron.net/~hah3/audi/klg_01.jpg (2
> 200q20v's resting comfortably in a garage),
> http://netnow.micron.net/~hah3/audi/klg_02.jpg (the wheel, supposedly showing
> the UFO disc behind it but not doing a very good job),
> http://netnow.micron.net/~hah3/audi/klg_03.jpg (the only one showing the wheels
> and most of the car, really), and (seeing a pattern?)
> http://netnow.micron.net/~hah3/audi/klg_04.jpg (a poorly exposed shot which
> sort of shows the fender flares in silhouette and not much else).
> Oh, and this is a sort of temporary hosting spot, will go away sometime in the
> next few months as HostPro and Earthlink sort out their dialup-users-transfer
> but I will put them up again later.
> enjoy,
> Henry Harper
> hah at alumni.rice.edu http://www.mindspring.com/~hah3
> 1991 200 quattro, 112k, featured in above pictures which are two years old
> 1988 GTI 16v, 220k

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