Type 44 G60 Pad Recommendations

larry leung l.leung at juno.com
Fri Jul 6 00:23:38 EDT 2001

To all whom reponded to my quest (smitty, etc.),

I opted for Axxis (a.k.a. Repco) Deluxe pads and so far (street only) I've been quite impressed. Not sure about dusting or fade resistance (haven't done anything cause any fade) but the stopping power and response and power are WORLDS better than the old, supposedly vaunted Metal Masters. Can't say modulation is any better (it's hydro boosted G60's after all!), but all else is noticably improved. I do get some occasional light squealing, not enough to bother me. So, thanks. BTW, does anyone have a bedding procedure for these?


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