audi90sq at audi90sq at
Thu Jul 5 12:28:59 EDT 2001

I just got the AC in my UrQ charged up yesterday, and
was driving for about a half an hour to check it out. 
Now, my car usually runs around 180 and shoots up to
210 at idle.  With AC I was running at 210 and when I
got home and idled for a few minutes to cool the
turbo, it shot up to 235 and boiled over.  Coolant
bubeling out of my overflow tank.  1) I have not
flushed the system in this car since I bought it a few
months ago and 2) the coolant seems to be green (not
red).  Will a good flush and some propper coolant cure
my problem, or do I have other problems.  OBTW it was
120 out that dayl!

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