Retrofitting newer remote in UrS and alarms

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I think that it is possible that the A4 has the same
receiver module in all years, so that may be why there
is no difference in range.

As for your range, I have never been unhappy w/ the
range. I can lock/unlock our A4 and NB w/o problems from
over 10 ft. away, even through a house wall. That's
good enough for me- I don't need to open up the car from
50 ft. away. Is it possible that your battery is run
down? Lots of other RF interference where you're parked?


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Well, I hardly have stunning range with the existing
remote.  I've talked to other A4 owners who've done
this "upgrade" and they haven't noticed any
degradation in remote range.  Course that's the A4's,
so maybe the system is a little different in the other


--- TM <t44tq at> wrote:
> Igor and I have discussed this mod- retrofitting the
> "new" switchblade keys to the older RF system.
> Unfortunately, it does not work well, from what Igor
> has found. The old system has a strong transmitter
> in
> the key and an insensitive receiver in the car. The
> new
> system has a weak transmitter in the key and a very
> sensitive receiver in the car. When you combine the
> newer
> key type with the old receiver, you get the worst of
> both
> worlds.
> I think putting the new type receiver in the car
> would
> require a lot of work, probably not worth it.
> I'd like to put even the IR system that the V8 had
> into
> my car, but that would still be a lot of work. I
> guess
> I will put an alarm in the car- any suggestions from
> those
> well-versed in automotive security systems? Anyone
> know how
> difficult it would be to properly install an alarm
> system
> in my '91 200q? I want something with a dual-stage
> shock
> sensor, intrusion sensors for hood, trunk and all
> four
> doors, keyless lock/unlock, and a single-tone siren
> (not
> that annoying multi-tone stuff).
> Taka

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