Better News on the I5 woe front KV engine, longish

Iain Atkinson iain.atkinson at
Thu Jul 5 23:41:42 EDT 2001

Hi all,

hope you aren't bored yet with all my progress reports, but today wasn't so
bad, i checked the compressions and all came out even and over 175 psi only
a slight variance with one cylinder on 185. Next up was a check to a make
sure that i hadn't fitted the cam caps round the wrong way, all in order.
Then came the interesting bit, i was now looking for waht was causing the
knocking noise from the head, it turned out to be the inner cover rubbing on
the inside of the cam sprocket/wheel. Don't know why maybe the spare i had
repainted was bent, with that cured it sounded real sweet, cured the no
power prob by looking at the ignition timing/idle.

Now all i have to do is cure the bodge that was done by a local engineering
firm (term used loosely)on the idle roller/oil pump leak that i have,
basically i have oil weeing out of the top of the oil pump where it mates
the block due to the bolt being sheared in the block. Now the good news is
that after a little bit of investigation on the old engine this bolt does
not got into an oilway, it's basically blind.

How the hell do i drill and tap with the engine now in car (it's in a Coupe
Q 85 for those that dont know). I am thinking about looking at unbolting the
engine and trannie mounts and pulling it
the whole assembly up with my engine hoist to allow the drill and tap
procedure, any thoughts anyone would be appreciated.



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