Retrofitting newer remote in UrS and alarms

George Selby gselby4x4 at
Thu Jul 5 19:19:01 EDT 2001

At 06:09 PM 7/5/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Regarding remote range, I read this theory somewhere and it actually
>works. Try holding your remote under your chin while pressing the button,
>and your remote will work at distances it didn't work before. I have tried
>this multiple times with multiple cars and the experiments have given
>excellent results. Try it out. :)

I've done this for years, and it has always worked (extended range or 
allowed entry when remote was seemingly not working, but light on remote 
was blinking.  No blinking light on remote, no work, no matter 
what.)  Supposedly it allows your body to act as the antenna.  In my truck, 
it would frequently extend the range by 50 feet.

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