remote range

Lee M. Levitt lee at
Thu Jul 5 22:29:46 EDT 2001

Martin Suryadarma <msuryadarma at> writes:
> Regarding remote range, I read this theory somewhere and it actually
> works. Try holding your remote under your chin while pressing the button,
> and your remote will work at distances it didn't work before. I have tried
> this multiple times with multiple cars and the experiments have given
> excellent results. Try it out. :)

It's true, works for my Audi, worked for my Range Rover. Gives me 20 feet of
range rather than 10. You do have to actually make contact with your chin.

My wife thinks I'm nuts when I do this. Course she thinks I'm nuts even when
I don't do it.

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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