women drivers

Rave Racer Ravewar at home.com
Fri Jul 6 06:47:46 EDT 2001

        Ok everybody, it's 5am here and I'm sobering up from a two day
drinking binge.

    I owe this list an appology for my outburst.  I don't have a problem
with women drivers per say.  I find that women are on both extremes of
driving, either they are really bad, or really good.  They're usually really
bad because they're more concerned with their makeup and they're usually
really good because they don't care about their makeup (that was a

    I more have a problem with a ranting...   well just ranting, especially
when it's focused with such anger and posted to such a crowd with the intent
of humiliation.  This may be a little hypocritical due to the response I
sent, but I have been under a fair amount of gender based stress lately.  I
don't want to make an excuse, but I feel an explanation is due.

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