'95 90Q "summer package" on the fritz

Joel Lenorovitz jlenorovitz at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 10:30:45 EDT 2001

I went to open my sunroof this morning on the way to work and got nothing.  This is
the first sign I've ever had of any problem with it so I was a bit dismayed.  I then
proceeded to roll down the windows, which worked no problem.  Turning back to the
sunroof, I gave it another shot and presto!  She opened right up and worked normally
- nothing wrong with the switch or motor, thank god.  Through the course of my drive
I did some experimenting and found that the sunroof would work only for a specific
period of time after operating the windows (akin to that period of time you still
get window/sunroof power after turning the key all the way off).  Then I went to
close everything up and turn on the A/C, but no joy.  Both the compressor and the
ventilation fan were dead.  Down came the windows again and I finished the drive to
work, but I still haven't had a chance to fully investigate.

I strongly suspect something central would be the one common cause of all these
failures and I very much hope that it will be something simple and cheap (e.g. a
blown fuse).  Any experience with this sort of problem before or suggestions on
where to go next if I find the horror of an intact fuse?  If it is the fuse, what
are the likely culprits for the electrical overload?  Thanks in advance,


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