Rear suspension for 200 Quattro Avant

mark schofield 200quattro at
Fri Jul 6 17:07:27 EDT 2001

I wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what is so special about the rear shock absorbers on a
> 1987 200 Quattro Turbo Wagon that hardly anyone seems able to reference a
> replacement?

Thanks for the input.

Sorry about the nomenclature, this is a UK model but I reckoned that 200 and
5000 were probably interchangeable so long as I also specify
Wagon/Turbo/Quattro/Year/Chassis/Engine No. Doubtless someone will put me
right on this one!

Investigation into the rear end was instigated by a banging from the rear
RHS, also I have trashed the rear tyres on the inside edges. Inner bushes
will shortly be on order as are outer joints for both transverse links - all
well shot. The shocks are only really being changed  on the 'while I'm at
it' principle.

If I burn the rubber out of the bushes and hacksaw out the steel sleeve,
will I be able to fit the new bushes with a vice/pull them in with a long
bolt and washers, or am I going to have to find someone with a press?

Anyone else considering changing transverse links on this car, the 2 joints
are available individually over here which is slightly more economical than
importing a complete link. The bushes will have to come from your side of
the water as  $price < £price - absolutely ridiculous.

I have ordered a pair of Boge gas shocks, suit my exact model according to
the catalogue, UK price about £60each.

Sorry to note that most US suppliers I have contacted for quotes part don't
seem to be any better at responding to email requests than their British
cousins - or did you all shut-down last week?


Mark Schofield

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