Better News on the I5 woe front KV engine, longish

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i think i was lucky today, still touching wood!!!!!! Due to the Dremel i was
able to cut a piece of metal from the front panel enabling me to get a the
drill in to drill out the old idle roller bolt and re tap into the block to
8mm. I know have no oil leak from the pump.

Having now driven the car it feels real sweet, not that much more powerful,
but very smooth, having also done the clutch it fels like a different car,
gonna take it for good drive tomorrow to shake it all down, the only issue
to look at is i think it's running a little hot compared to what it used to.

Thanks again for your help and advice.



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> you may be right, i really don't know why Audi didn't do it on these cars
> was looking at a type 89 today and it just makes so much sense. Wife on
> other hand isn't keen at all on me doing, going on about ridigty and
> insurance yadda, yadda, yadda............

no flexing so far on my car.  The strut bar probably helps too.  Remember,
enough big bolts and thick brackets supporting the removable core won't
comprimise strength.  It certainly will save you gobs of time..


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