wuzzat VAG tool?

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We have similar stuff where i work, the oil for AVS service is around 10 to
12 gbp per litre i believe.


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> How odd,
> in the Uk it's 10k miles or 12 months, unless from Sept last year you
> a new Audi on AVS ( Audi Variable Servicing) which means dependin how and
> where the car is driven you may not a first yes first service for 2 years
> 20K miles. The oil used in these cars is so thin 0w30 mostly,  by Castrol
> and Mobil. All according to the dealership i work in anyway. This for both
> petrol and diesel motors apart from i believe the 115 bhp tdi engine,
> or non turbo.

At one Audi dealership that I visit, in the parts/service department there's
a sheet of paper taped to the cover of a ring-binder. It lists the oil (and
price per litre) that has to be used for different leased cars - VAG lease
get Quantum silver @ 8.50, PPP get 'blue' oil @ 10.90, another type get
Quantum silver @ 12.25.... lists some 10 different lease companies.


Jim Haseltine

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