4kcsq center differential won't unlock!

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Fri Jul 6 22:02:19 EDT 2001

> there is a rod running along the pass side of the transmission,
> you can either push or pull on the rod and this will lock/unlock the center
> diffs,

the rod runs down the passenger side of the tranny, to a mechanical
input on that side at the rear of the box.  Pulled out, towards the rear
of the car, is the "unlocked" position, as I recall being told by one
who should know.

It is likely that one of the vacuum line nipples is broken off at the
servo - but if the line is just pulled off you might be able to
reinstall it.  And if the rest of the vacuum system is not leaking, the
lock/unlock function might even work again.

> >I've got an '86 4kcsq with over 200k on the clock.  I've given it to my
> >folks, who recently started complaining about its performance.  Turns out
> >the center diffy is permanently locked (differential lock indicator light
> >is on), and it won't turn off with the switch. 
> >Anyway, I've gotta get it unlocked. 

Huw Powell



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