Type 44 CC Blower motor

DAWSON-MD DAWSON-MD at email.msn.com
Fri Jul 6 23:37:30 EDT 2001

I replaced the brushes on my '87 5Ktq last week. I had used the "push the
brush in farther" trick a couple of times in the past but it got to the
point that the pigtail wire from the brush was stretched to it's limit. The
brushes are 8mm x 8mm square in cross section and about 15mm long. I found
some that were dimensionally close at a local auto electric supply. A few
minutes on my bench grinder to take a few mm's off of one side and taper the
end resulted in a perfect fit. The brush pigtail and another wire are
threaded into a thimble and then crimped and soldered. I cut the old
connection out and used the "crimp" end of a common electrical terminal
connection as a replacement thimble. I don't know what the brushes that I
bought were actually made for but the part number was JN-141-22001 and the
description was TC BRUSH SET. The company has a web site which is listed
below. Total cost was $5.01 including tax and my blower motor runs great


'83 UrQ
'84 4Kq
'87 5Ktq
'77 Ferrari 308 GT4

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