Weird V1 Operation

Bob mx at
Fri Jul 6 21:23:15 EDT 2001

Yup ditto that. The laser they use is actually IR, so your sensor is sensing
quick and drastic temperature change.

Bob Rossato wrote:

> A question for you V1 owners out there.  My V1 will go in full Laser alert
> if I cover the rear facing laser antennae.  I first noticed this when I went
> to adjust the unit and apparently my finger had momentarily covered the
> antennae.  I nearly jumped out of my skin as I thought I was being targeted
> and I slammed on the brakes and looked frantically for the non-existent cop.
> This happened to me a couple of more times before I figured out what was
> going on.  It will happen day or night and will continue as long as I have
> my finger in front of the antennae.  Only happens on the rear antennae.
> Anybody else experience this?
> Bob

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