4kcsq center differential won't unlock!

Brendan coolian at mediaone.net
Sat Jul 7 01:13:32 EDT 2001

This may help:


At 03:42 PM 7/6/01 -0500, Richard J. Andrews wrote:
>there is a rod running along the pass side of the transmission,
>you can either push or pull on the rod and this will lock/unlock the 
>center diffs,
>'86 4kq
>At 12:46 PM 7/6/01 -0700, you wrote:
>>I've got an '86 4kcsq with over 200k on the clock.  I've given it to my
>>folks, who recently started complaining about its performance.  Turns out
>>the center diffy is permanently locked (differential lock indicator light
>>is on), and it won't turn off with the switch.  Obviously, this hurts tight
>>cornering performance somewhat :-)  I think they've been driving it like
>>this for a while -- hopefully this hasn't trashed the front drive!
>>Anyway, I've gotta get it unlocked.  I've been under it for a little while
>>searching for vacuum lines, as I assume one of them is leaking or has
>>detached or something.  Man, it's tight down there.  I think the vacuum
>>servo is between the battery box and the cat.  Don't want to start taking
>>things apart until I know for sure.  Is the interior lock console switch
>>electronic or vacuum?  Could this be a simple relay or wiring problem?
>>P.S. please e-mail me at this account (pfhamilton at ucdavis.edu)

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