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Burl Vibert blur at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 7 15:01:54 EDT 2001

Bob Rossato wrote:
> > Nah, that 3000 mi. conventional "wisdom" comes from the same
> > people who are
> > still, in the 21st century, telling us to keep our hands on the
> > wheel at 2:00
> > and 10:00.

> > They'll never change, they're too old to.  And, they'll always
> > know more about your car than the engineers who built it.
> > --
> > --Doug
> Would these be the same engineers that are specifying that only 5w30 oil be
> used in engines?  This is being done not because of better lubrication
> properties but instead to increase the corporate fuel economy numbers.  I
> think you'll find that today's longer service intervals and lower oil
> weights are not being set by the engineers, but instead are being driven by
> the bean counters.  Especially with car companies that offer free
> maintenance.  Why should they pay for changing your oil every 5k miles,
> which used to be the norm, when they can change the interval and only pay
> for it every 15k miles?  In addition, while today's oils may be more
> advanced, filters haven't changed a whole lot and I'm not willing to leave a
> filter in for 15k-20k miles.

If people want to change their oil every 3000 miles under normal
driving, they are simply wasting money and oil.  Long service
intervals are not a new thing, my 18 year old Porsche has a
recommended service interval of 15000 miles(24000km) for oil and
filter.  I don't wait this long as it is not always subjected to
"normal driving".
With todays better oils, cleaner burning engines and better emissions
equipment it's not surprising that service intervals are getting
longer as the oil just isn't getting as "dirty".

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