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>If people want to change their oil every 3000 miles under normal
>driving, they are simply wasting money and oil.

The problem is, no one does any 'normal driving' anymore.  There are simply 
too many cars on the road.  As an Audi driver (one of the few cars that 
have an oil temp guage, at least all of mine have had one) you should know 
that city driving simply doesn't get the oil temp up enough to burn off all 
the crap in the oil.  It takes at least a 30 minute trip at CONSTANT 
highway speeds (and the nearest such highway is more than 50 miles away 
from me and generally doesn't lead anywhere I want to go) to get my oil 
temp guage to start to move from its low 'city' position.  That's why a car 
that has been city driven for a bit since its last oil change will burn 
quite a bit of oil on its first highway journey since the oil change.  All 
the lighter stuff in the oil that has broken down gets burned off, and you 
are left with heavy, dirty sludge in the engine.

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