wuzzat VAG tool?-Now oil differences

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Sun Jul 8 15:16:36 EDT 2001

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>Subject: RE: wuzzat VAG tool?-Now oil differences
>Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 12:34:39 -0400
> > Would these be the same engineers that are specifying that only 5w30
>oil be
> >used in engines?
> > This is being done not because of better lubrication
> >properties but instead to increase the corporate fuel economy
>Well Bob, if you didn't like manufacturers 5W30 recommendations, go
>take a look at, or buy one of the newer Ford Trucks -
>How about a 0W20 recommendation for the gas engine F-150. A
>recommendation BTW, "cast in" the oil crankcase filler cap, just in
>case you should forget or doubt that Ford really, really means it!
>I kind of wonder what the employees lunch room at Ford must sound like
>when the accounting folks from the CAFE standard department sit down
>to break a bit of bread with the bean counters and automotive
>"actuaries" (if there be such an animal) from the warranty department.
>Of course, maybe they really do have a new technology break through.
Nahhhh, they just know that the truck won't be burning more than the 
maximum "acceptable"  quart per 600 miles before the warranteeeee runs out.

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