radio noise/gps stuff

c a l i b a n caliban at
Sun Jul 8 19:24:55 EDT 2001

	i need input from you a4 owners, especially if you fit into
	one or more of the following categories:

	premium audi package
	no cd changer
	gps navigation system

	when listening to am radio, every overpass i go under, or wires,
	makes a terrible screeching sound.  this is somewhat normal for
	am radio, but i don't think it should be this pronounced.

	also, when i put on the brake, the lights or something sends
	screechy interference through the sound system.  only when on
	am radio, though.

	now that the gps system as simply stopped working (doesn't even
	power on), the interference seems worse.  loud, screaming whistle
	when not tuned to an am station.  the space between stations
	should be noisy, staticky, but not like feedback.

	this is the second head unit (symphony) i have had.  the first was
	replaced right away because, like many, it wouldn't hold a station
	when it was power cycled.

	possible guesses are the gps system, really.  some sort of wiring
	proximity problem.  same with the brake light.  but i am not sure.
	i'm seeking list experience - weather it's btdt or "mine is the
	same and doesn't have any problems".

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