O2 sensor, 80Q - dumb question

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Mon Jul 9 01:21:39 EDT 2001

> I have my new O2 sensor and I need to install it this week. When my exhaust
> was being replaced and they had everything sawed off, I could see the inside
> portion of the old O2 sensor sticking down into the the pipe in front of the
> cat. I couldn't see where the top of the sensor is, and the Bentley doesn't
> help much. It shows the exploded diagram of the exhaust and the O2 sensor
> seems like it is on top of the pipe to the catalytic converter. I can't see
> anything just by looking under the car without jacking it up.
> How do you find the O2 sensor? Does anything need to be disassembled? I'm
> trying to figure out if I could get at it by jacking up the front of the car
> or one side of the car. I'm also wondering if the exhaust has to be cold to
> do this.

the OXS is mounted just behind the flange ahead of the catalyst.  You
*might* be able to get at it with a wrench on the car, but it's probably
easier to drop that section and do it on a bench, especially considering
how rusted in place OXS's can get.  It sticks out the right hand side of
the pipe, so jack up the passenger side or front of the car to crawl in
and get a look around.  With the car on solid ramps or stands, of
course, not just a jack!

I would not want to work on a hot exhaust system.

Huw Powell



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