Beheaded '87 4kcsq reanimated :-)

Tom B dr_hydro at
Mon Jul 9 14:41:21 EDT 2001

Hey All,
I just finished replacing the head in my 4kq. She lives again :-) I did have 
a small heart attack when I started her the first time and she still puffed 
out white (coolant) smoke. A nice drive cleared out the moisture from the 
exhaust system, and now no smoke at all.

Thanks to all who gave me advice on this project, your help made my job a 
lot easier :-) I would thank you all individually, but there are too many 
helpfull people to list you all.

Thanks list,
Tom Belrose
ps: Too any northern Vermont listers looking for a good audi/vw mechanic: I 
recommend Judd at the Rabid Rabbit in Cambridge. If you need his # drop me a 
line. Fair prices, excellant work. Ask to see his project 4kt with dual fuel 
pumps, nitrous oxide and battery all mounted in the trunk :-)Usual 
disclaimers apply.............

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