Re.. 5K Front Strut Bearings

Dan Hamren dan at
Mon Jul 9 09:15:39 EDT 2001

>I need to change the bearings at the top of the front >struts on my 86
>5K.  Can anyone tell me any tricks to doing this?  >Does one need to take
>the strut out or can the bearing be slipped in from the >top?

When I changed the struts on my 87 5000cstqa I Just jacked up the front of
the car.. marked the original position of the strut bearing.. then took it
off.. replaced it with the new one and lowered it.. same with the other
side.. to get the big nut off the top of the strut rod I used a 19mm? box
wrench (the circular end) and a hex wrench to hold it still..

Dan Hamren  SF Bay area
1987 5000csqa 1.8bar S4 suspension 4 sale
1996 A6 pearl white with tinted windows and A4 wheels  .. Honk if love

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