exciting rally footage

Tessie McMillan tessmc at drizzle.com
Mon Jul 9 11:59:18 EDT 2001

I've been forwarding this stuff to the Alfa digest and just realized you
guys would get a kick out of it too! My long-term (read: *really*
long-term, need $$, garages, car$, etc.) goal is to get into pro-rally, so
friends of mine have been piquing my interest loaning me videos of World
Rally Championships, and the like. Here's a very cool link to some
British rallying:


You've GOT to see Tapio Laukkanen's footage (bottom row, middle).
This is THE MOST exciting footage on the whole page -- even taking into
account the fact that a lot of the other cars seem to be on fire...
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även en blomma
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i djupa andetag

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