Any St. Cloud Pics? Princess update

Jenny Curtis jenny at
Mon Jul 9 14:03:19 EDT 2001

Hi Q-list:

I remember lots of cameras at St. Cloud.  Are there any photos online

The Princess still awaits plastic surgery after my little um
incident.  Graham and I bought a new toy: a 1975 Fiat 124 Spider.
It's in decent shape but needs some work and right now that's taking
all our attention.  We did a complete brake system swap out, including
brake lines this week-end in 90 degree heat in a shade-free gravel
driveway.  Now that's love.  We have a part's car and we're going to
be swapping some of the better panels and hood over, so we'll probably
get those professionally painted by a body shop.  I'm gonna take in my
freebee fender at the same time, so hopefully it'll be a decent match
to the Princess.

I've not much to add to the whole women drivers debacle except that I
think the level of sexism in the Audi sport world is far lower than it
is in the world of say rice burners:

is a classic example.

Then again street sponsors this page:

where the women are in their cars rather than in bikini tops and mini

86' 4kcsQ: The Eurotrash Princess
75' Fiat 124 Spider

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