Audi envy

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Jul 9 15:18:38 EDT 2001

Phil Payne <phil at> wrote:
> > I spied a black Audi parked inside the fence. A closer
> > inspection revealed "A8L" on the trunk lid. Ahhhhh.
> Did it have a discreet 'W12' on the rear of each fender?  
> If not, its owner is just as open to envy others.

What, you think I'm that observant in a moment of lust?

As for the W12 bade, would that be the rear of each front 
fender (wing)?
Is the W12 available in the God's country (USofA)? 
Do you think he/she would look at my tired old 200 TQ 
with envy?  [only when comparing car payments :)]

Kent McLean
200 TQ w/211K miles

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