Alignment Tips and Suggestions

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Mon Jul 9 15:34:35 EDT 2001


I have (at this point I'm questioning my choice) enlisted an independent
mechanic's shop to align my '89 200Q after installing H&R springs and
Bilstein Sports. The mechanic (who's Audi Certificate hangs in the shop)
says that the job was too difficult for him to use his portable Hunter
Alignment equipment on (he tried, so he says), he couldn't free up things
for adjustment. This despite, at least in the rear, the upper tie rod
links are BRAND NEW.  He sent it to the shop he uses for "difficult jobs"
and they actually made things worse. Since I needed the car back, I took
it before he got the print-out of the speciallist shop's alignment rig,
and since I said things still were'nt right, he said come back when he
comes back from vacation (this Thursday). So, 2 questions:

1) What special procedures are needed to free up Audi suspension links,
if any. I do recall that there have been numerous questions on this, but
I don't recall any specific answers. 

2) What suggested alignments would you have for the above vehicle that
sees an occasional autocross (and even rarer but occasional track time)
but is mostly a daily driver, so tire wear is important to me. For tire
wear, I would assume the factory toe settings must be kept, and I am
under the assumption that without camber plates, the front caster is not
adjustable (though IMHO, the more positiive, the better). I am an
aggressive driver, so camber settings on the negative side would probably
be okay. What I am interested in is camber settings. 

The Bentley suggests:

Front:	-30' +/- 30'	I was thinking around -45' t0 1 degree

Rear	-15' +/- 15'	I was thinking 30', just in case I try to go wider in

Wheels are 16 x 7, 45 mm offset (A4 5 spoke sports). 

I'd appreciate whatever the list experience may bring.

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