'87 5ks key code location ???

Torbjorn Bergstrom torbjorn at flashmail.com
Mon Jul 9 17:26:39 EDT 2001

I sold my '87 5ks on saturday just after taking 27 pictures of it for my for
sale ad... and just before posting them on the web
(http://community.webshots.com/user/torbjornbergstrom if you want to see the

Anyway back to the story... I sold the car pending me getting a new key made
(one that works ...)

So I know I just need to get the key code and go to the lock smith

Ok, the Bently says the key code is located on the inside of the pasenger
side door handle...

So I took out the door handle --> don't see the key code anywhere...

So I took out the driver side door handle --> don't see the key code

Is it there and I just don't see it, or is it not realy there???

If knowone knows I'm just going to bring the whole car to the lock smith and
let them figure it out.

'90 90 (getting lonley)
'87 5ks (gone tomorrow)

WTB '88 - '91 80/90 q or v8q

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