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Mon Jul 9 16:01:00 EDT 2001

--- Larry C Leung <l.leung at> wrote:
> 1) What special procedures are needed to free up
> Audi suspension links,
> if any. I do recall that there have been numerous
> questions on this, but
> I don't recall any specific answers. 

Some common sense would be a good start.  Took mine to
a Ward's Auto a few yrs. ago because they had a brand
new $40k Hunter while most other shops have 20-30 yr.
old junk.  They also had a cheap price.  I loosen all
the adusters, and took my tools just in case.  Sure
enough, he comes back after about 2 minutes.  "All
your adjusters are stuck."  so much for the "No
customers in the shop" sign.  He doesn't have large
metric open-end wrenches so he's using a small pipe
wrench, and turning the nut the wrong way.  I take my
correct wrenches out of the trunk, and show him how to
undo the toe adjusters on one side.  I watch him for a
few minutes and he does just fine now.  I tell him I
want the Bentley specs. optimized, "not just in the
green".  Yup, sure thing he says.  Says thanks for the
tool use and the info on the adjusters.  I watch him
through the window and he did a really good job.  Not
the usual monkey-lad, he just really didn't know the

I'm interested to see what others suggest regarding
lowering springs.  H&R's to be specific.

Jim Accordino

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