ng-nf heads continued

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jul 9 20:46:59 EDT 2001

> well, the short block i found in a scrapyard can be mine for £50 which im
> happy about, the only problem is i dont know if its 2226 or 2309cc, can
> anyone tell me the bore sizes?

might be on my website under engine codes, but you'd have to read the
engine code off your block...

>  also the only difference between the heads (nf/ng) is an additional
> vacuum point (on the manifold i guess). ..... Huw,
> waht where you saying about injector lines? can i use the ng/nf fuel lines
> and injectors and fit that to the cis fuel distributor? 

the heads are *radically* different!  do you want pix?

the NF head will bolt in to your car and use all your peripherals, and
has no foolish vacuum pump mount.

the NG head uses a different 2 pc IM, and will require the injector
lines that go with it unless you want an ugly car.  on the NG the
injectors are mounted in the bottom half of the IM, not the head as most
others are.

Huw Powell

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