CV Joints - Halfshaft Question (Type 44)

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jul 9 20:50:18 EDT 2001

> Front cv joint began "clicking" about a month ago.  Only occurs upon start
> from stop with wheels turned.  I now baby it.  How long to go before it
> breaks? 

unknown - but it will...

> What are the symptoms of impending failure?

you have them.

>  What happens when it breaks?

the wheel falls off, or somethng equally catastrophic.
> Might as well buy a rebuilt halfshaft.  Somebody recently posted a cheap
> price for these - around $100.  I don't mind replacing the halfshaft.  It's
> getting the cv joint off the shaft that I mind.

I'd say just get a used shaft.  See voluminous comments on rebuilt
shafts in archives.  to replace entire used halfshaft you do not need to
take the joints off the shaft, just remove them from the tranny & hub,
undoing whatever lets you do that (like ball joint)

Huw Powell

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