Audi 5000 non-turbo Quattro ?

Wallace White wallace at
Tue Jul 10 08:55:23 EDT 2001

My '87 5kcstq has 5-bolt Ronals... but they came off a Canadian car,
where those wheels were the norm instead of the 6-slot aero wheels.

If his car was a 5000 CS quattro, it's a turbo. I guess Audi thought
5000 CS turbo quattro was too long, so the turbo is implicit. These cars
have 5-bolt lugs. 

The 5000 S quattro also had 5-bolt wheels, I believe. The 5000 CS (no
turbo, no quattro) had 4-bolt wheels--Ronals, in fact, like the 4k.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcs(t)q 175k

Peter Berrevoets wrote:
> While inspecting a 1994 S4 yesterday I ran into a gentleman who was driving
> a 5000 CS or S I'm not sure Quattro.
> 5 bolt ronals but no turbo! Never heard of such a beast. I believe he ended
> up buying the S4 and wasn't sure what he was doing with the 5000, "Maybe
> keep it for the winter..." but I left him my card just in case. He said it
> was rated at 160HP due to some factory hi-perf FI system?
> Anyone else heard of such a beast?
> Vulture mode immediately thought of wonderful understressed quattro parts...
> Cheers,
> Peter Berrevoets
> 1990 200TQ
> Toronto, Canada

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