[V6-12v] New Oil Leak

Diana Johnson johnson55119 at qwest.net
Tue Jul 10 14:31:50 EDT 2001

Our '93 90Q has a leak somewhere, too, and has since we bought it 4,000
miles ago.  We replaced the valve cover gaskets which were visibly
leaking oil, but held off for a while on what the dealership thought was
a head gasket leak.  It's almost impossible to tell where the oil is
coming from, especially if it's a slower leak like ours.  We decided to
take our car to the mechanic who did the previous owner's repairs and
are now driving it around for a couple of days with dye to find the
source of the leak.  The mechanic is convinced it's not the head gasket
because he replaced the original head gasket (which was prone to
leaking) with a new one redesigned by Audi about 15K miles ago.  It's
inexpensive to have a leak checked with dye and it might give you some
peace of mind.


'84 4000S      245K+ mi., RIP!
'91 100          158K mi., found a good home
'93 90CSQ     104K mi., our baby

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