IM bolt removal - 83 5kt

Tex Terry, II texactii at
Tue Jul 10 16:47:39 EDT 2001

Thanks to Huw, Phil, and Alan - I will try to see if there is any way to
get a lubricant on the bolt through the minute space between the throttle
butterfly cage and the IM main section (as the long bolt that did come out
only had about 3/4" of thread were the bolt went in to the IM main
section), and then see if I can free the bolt up.  I could not feel any end
of the bolt (the other three bolts all went in to the IM main section body
and were not exposed at the end of the bolt), but I will try to see if the
end is exposed (this would make sense, if it picked up corrosion, why it
started and then stopped coming out).  Tex.

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