4000Q Hiccup?

Bob mx at snet.net
Tue Jul 10 17:06:01 EDT 2001

Hi again...
Been having a very strange problem with the 4000Q (84).  Coming home
from a 6 hour roadtrip, every once in a while the car would hiccup.
Total loss of power, then comes back quickly and recovers.

-Engine completely dies for a fraction of a second
-Tach dies when this happens. Never long enough for it to hit zero
though, but it does drop.
-Radio resets
-Radar detector (plugged into cig lighter) resets

I checked cables from battery to ground and to alt/starter etc.
Ive narrowed it down to either load reduction relay/wiring, ignition
switch going flakey, UFO's etc...

I hate to think the car isnt reliable for a long trip!!! If anyone has
seen this, Id appreciate some input, thanks!

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