Audi 5000 non-turbo Quattro ?

Donald Lamond dlam119 at
Wed Jul 11 01:12:30 EDT 2001

Nah, one of those odd pieces of junk.  I have a trailer and will haul it away
for a minimal charge.


84 4Ks

"Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN)" wrote:

> [While inspecting a 1994 S4 yesterday I ran into a gentleman who was driving
> a 5000 CS or S I'm not sure Quattro.
> 5 bolt ronals but no turbo! Never heard of such a beast. I believe he ended
> up buying the S4 and wasn't sure what he was doing with the 5000, "Maybe
> keep it for the winter..." but I left him my card just in case. He said it
> was rated at 160HP due to some factory hi-perf FI system?
> Anyone else heard of such a beast?]
> Did you look under the hood?  Sounds like a turbo with that HP rating.
> Ben

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