did I miss a thread? (heel/toe)

Rave Racer Ravewar at home.com
Wed Jul 11 01:43:21 EDT 2001

        I don't know if the pedal setup in an 80 is the same as a 4000, but
I've got a set that make my pedals closer.  They're even closer then in my
GT6, and if you've ever driven a li'l brit then you'll know how tight they
are.  If I'm wairing dress shoes I can't drive my 4000, and I have little
feet.  (!HEY!  Foot size has nothing to do with...   you know!)

       Rave Racer
 89 Jetta GTX 1.8 16V (Frankenstein) http://www.vwot.org/members/Pete.html
 87 Audi 4000 Quattro Sedan
 72 Triumph GT6

> Hey! Did I just miss a thread? I was going to ask the question, "is there
> a pedal kit for the Audi 80 Quattro that will help heel and toe". I just
> caught sight of the 'clamshell' thread title, and hope I am not asking a
> repeat question.
> I don't have big or wide feet and I've been hampered learning how to heel
> and toe (or side-foot &:-) ) because I can't reach two pedals at once, no
> way, no how. I'd really like to do something to get my pedals closer, or
> wrap the accelerator pedal in an 'L' towards the brake. I think there's a
> kit for the 911 called "Bigfoot" that is like this.
> Any ideas? You should see the way I double-clutch downshift right now (I
> use lots of different feet &:-))) -- I think I have three.).
> Thanks, you driving demons!
> Tess
> Seattle, WA USA
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