Audi 5000 non-turbo Quattro ?

Wallace White wallace at
Wed Jul 11 09:09:28 EDT 2001

Mark -

Thanks for the roundup. The only point I'd make is that the normal 5ks
had 4-bolt hubs, same as the '89-'91 100. The standard wheel was the
8-slot flat aero, 14", 4x108 I think? You see those on 4ks sometimes.

Regarding a CS quattro model with no turbo, I'm pretty sure it didn't
exist in the US, though Geo makes it clear that it did in Canada and

- Wallace
  '87 5kcs(t)q 175k

markallen at wrote:
> At the risk of boring the list, I understand that the first type 44 quattro
> came in the 1986 model year as the 5000CS Quattro with the 160 hp
> turbo-charged MC1 engine.There was also the 5000CS Turbo (non-quattro), and
> for one year only ('86) a 5000CS (non-turbo, non-quattro)that differed only
> slightly with the regular 5000S model by an upgraded interior package (but
> it was the S, not the CS interior) and non-aero rims (I  test drove one
> that had 15" BBS rims). In 1987 Audi introduced the 5000S Quattro with the
> "S" interior, 130 hp NF engine and 15" rims. Ron Wainwright has been
> driving one since buying it new in '87. All 5k type 44's in the U.S. had
> five bolt rims (either 14" or 15") until the 1989 model year when the 100's
> came with  four bolt 15" rims.
> So I would guess that the 5kq mentioned would have a 130 hp NF engine.
> You'll all have to forgive me, I just love this kind of Audi trivia!

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