?? Converting 4kq to 20v turbo ???

Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 11:13:20 EDT 2001

Do it!!
--- RM <waves at epix.net> wrote:
> I'm in the early phases of converting my 87 4kq to a
> 20 valve turbo engine.
> I'm wondering if anyone on the list has done this
> swap personally and if so
> can shed some light on the following questions...
> #1 What 20v turbo engine is best to use? Is the
> early 200tq's and different
> from a later S4?

Yes it is different, the 200tq motor was only used for
'91, the S4's used a version with better management
and ignition system.  Not sure on the details. 
> #2 I'm not going to do any terrific swaps of the
> driveline other than to
> update the clutch. Will a stock 20v with a chip over
> power the differential
> and trans set-up that was original to the 4kq? I
> don't plan on racing, I
> just want a fun daily driver.

Should handle the power with a 260 mm clutch installed

> #3 Are there any specific parts or procedures that
> the 20v swap will need as
> opposed to installing a typical 10v turbo?

Other than the joy on ripping out the CIS, can't think
of any, but allow a couple hundred dollars for last
minute parts.  Then you'll need an extra grand or two
for your next question and the exhaust you will put on

> #4 As far as intercoolers go, I noticed several
> swaps that don't use the
> factory audi unit. Any reason to this?

They suck, they are restrictive, they blow apart, they
get hot, oh yea, did I mention they suck?

> I'm sure I'll have a host of other questions soon,
> but I just need to get
> the ball rolling. Thanks for any advice!!
> PS. could you please CC your reply to
> waves at epix.net, thanks!
> PSS. Anyone have a motor laying around, with harness
> and ECU??

Hee Hee, those are worth their weight in gold (or
something shiny) around here.  Call Peter of Audi only
in Denver, CO (303) 367-4341 it seems like he always
has a lead on a totaled car or something.

Have fun,

Jim Green
'89 90tq 

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