nac - golf type 2 question

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Wed Jul 11 19:06:24 EDT 2001


Sorry, my Bentley is not here at the moment. My recollection of the
adjustment of the clutch rod is it is specified as a free play at the
pedal. I recall (been awhile) about 10 mm. As far as I can tell, the
adjustment is not too critical, as I adjusted mine to virtually no free
play, so as to disengage right at the top of the pedal travel (assists my
short legs when racing). Clutch has not experienced any abnormal wear in
about 70 k miles, and that has included about 11 years of heavy
autocrossing. This is post clutch replacement caused by the pinion
capture ring failure (apparently a common enough failure of the 020 boxes
built from 8/84 (early A2 chassis) through 12/87 that VW reimbursed me
half the repair) at year 4 and 63 k miles. I had even adjusted the clutch
to the no play setting prior to the failure. This failure unfortunately
re-occurred 6k miles ago, this time VW did not make good, claiming too
many miles (and not accepting that replacement of a poorly designed part
with a new poorly designed part is still leaving things with a problem.
Great job VAG =-( !)


On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:55:51 +1200 "Dave Eaton" <Dave.Eaton at>
>anyone know:
>1) how sensitive the clutch actuator rod in a mark 2 golf is for 
>length (020
>gearbox 5-speed) - this is the one that goes through the tranny.
>2) what is the correct length of said rod?
>thanks for the help,
>'95 rs2
>'90 ur-q

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