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Fisher, Scott Scott_Fisher at
Wed Jul 11 17:30:51 EDT 2001

Chris Dyer asks:

> My '87 5kcstq runs perfectly. (172k mi.)  But recently 
> I've noticed a oil burn smell.  I haven't noticed any 
> puddles/drips or glaring leaks, and there's no smoke
> when driving.  I only smell it after driving for about 15 
> minutes or so, only w/the windows closed.  What to look for?

Check the rear of the camshaft cover, down near the exhaust manifold.  On my
'83 CGT there's an on-again, off-again leak from the right rear corner that
drops a small quantity of oil so that it drips down onto the manifold.
There isn't a lot of oil, just enough to smell nasty every so often but not
enough to see because it burns off quickly.

I haven't installed the new cam cover gasket that I know I *have* 'cause I
put it into a box when we moved, and it's gotta be in the garage
somewhere... yeah, yeah. :-)

And of course: if your engine were powder-coated yellow, the leak would be
incredibly easy to locate.

--Scott Fisher
  Tualatin, Oregon

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