93 100CS Avant-quattro interior parts needed

Lee M. Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Jul 11 21:12:10 EDT 2001

"Mike P" <mbp at hotmail.com> writes:
> Recently picked up this car that was missing some pieces that
> seem hard to  track down.  If anyone has these around or knows of a source
it would be
> appreciated.
> I need the (2) headrest for the back seat. (black leather), and the back
> privacy screen that goes over the storage area of the wagon.

Try ABC Auto in Leominster, MA (978 537-0929). They have a bunch of older
Audis, including wagons. Doubt you'll find the screen though, the only one
in their lot back in March was ecru (and IIRC, I paid $25 for it <grin>).

They should be able to help you out with the headrests...and maybe a wagon
came in with the privacy shade. As long as you're at it, ask about a cargo
net. ($15 cash and carry...it was a good day at the yard!)

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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