Vapor Lock

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Jul 11 21:51:16 EDT 2001

At 09:18 PM 07/11/2001 +0000, scott miller wrote:

>Pulling codes was next on my agenda, my Bentley manual isn't so clear on 
>that fuse.  So why does the fuel pump come on b4 start with the fuse in 
>place?  Is it ok to run with the fuse in place?  It must be, the code 
>pulling apparently requires the car to be running.  But long highway runs, 
>what else does that fuse do?  Should I stick the fuse in to start when 
>hot, then pull it?

I believe leaving the fuse in place in the relay prevents the fuel pump 
from shutting off in the event of an accident in which the engine 
stops.   It's OK for the test procedures, but not for general driving.

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