Audi 4000 parts

James Michael Dunn webmaster at
Thu Jul 12 04:38:30 EDT 2001

My 4000 is an '85 and I want to part it out fast before the city 
fines me for a junk car in my yard. I do have PayPal also. The car 
is perfect and never been wrecked, the headlamps are either new or 
like new Hella OEM with no cracks and good reflectors. I am honestly 
parting it out because the bogus used car lot I got it from moved 
away and I never got the title. The auto trans went out and it was 
a second car anyway. Will sell any part and any reasonable cash or 
trade offer. Below, after signature,  is a list of the parts that 
are already sold. The car can be seen here:
It has a 4cyl and is all electric, including the sunroof. It all works.

Oh yea, did the '84 4kQ come with a 5 cyl? I ask because my Dad has 
a few of those motors if you need one or some parts. Pass it along 
to those 4cyl 4000 owners that want to upgrade to the 5cyl, he has 
3 or 4 of them I believe. Tommy - volksfix at

Ciao, James Michael Dunn
webmaster at


oil cooler
complete CIS-E fuel system
lower front grille
front door glass
floor matts
wheels/tires (Ronal ones, the MOMO aren't for sale)
dual radiator fan set up, motor shroud etc.

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