braking loads

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Thu Jul 12 01:49:35 EDT 2001

If you only have the R-rubber on front, their extra grip appearsto be
balancing out the otherwise uneven brake wear of the 911. I'd imagine
that if you ran the V700's all the way around, you'd have the same wear
as the other 911SC owners. Those with earlier S, E or T models
non-withstanding, of course.


On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:40:36 -0400 Burl Vibert <blur at>
>Mine usually has 225mm Kumho V700's on the front and many, many
>autocrosses, so maybe that throws off the equation. Maybe it's the
>The earlier cars had same size tires all around. I imagine this could
>also affect brake wear.
>Burl Vibert
>1987 5000cstq
>1983 911SC
>Kingston, Ontario
>John Larson wrote:
>> Interesting.  I sell twice the number of rear pad sets to SC owners 
>> fronts.  Been that way as far back as they started to come in for 
>> I run a customer list of about 20 SCs, some go away, new ones come 
>> Earlier cars don't seem to exhibit the same symptoms.  John
>> > John Larson wrote:
>> > >
>> > > For the general body of knowledge, and maybe relevant to this
>> discussion,
>> > > 911SCs eat rear pads.  Maybe 2 to 1, as opposed to most cars 
>being the
>> > > opposite and more, maybe 3 or 4 to 1 front/rear.  John
>> >
>> > Hi John
>> >
>> > Mine doesn't??
>> >
>> > Axxis/PBR/Repco Metalmasters front and rear, maybe 2 to 1 more 
>> > wear.  Incredibly, same rotors since before I bought it, 6 years 
>> > 60,000 miles ago, some of which were not easy miles.  They were 
>> > reaching their wear limit last time I checked but I haven't 
>> > around to changing them yet.

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