Oil cooler hoses

Dave Aukerman aukdav at ccsdana.net
Thu Jul 12 13:25:05 EDT 2001

A great butt saver is to keep a couple of hose clamps in the car for
tightening the lines.


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> Dagnabbitall. (Sh!t, for those non-USEnglish-native speakers).
> When I lasted visited this topic, it was for preventative
> measures. But I never got around to a truck stop to see about
> having some lines made up.
> Well, Tuesday I visited some friends about 90 miles away, and
> the oil warning light came on. Checked the dipstick; it was
> dry. I put in 3! quarts of oil. Before I got home, the oil
> warning light came on again. Off to my mechanic. They put it
> up on a lift (you could see the track of oil drops leading to
> my car, plus a "bad puppy" puddle under it.) One of the oil
> lines was leaking. The other's ferrules were rusting away and
> weren't all there.
> Chris Semple to the rescue with used lines and a cooler.
> Apparently, the lines rust so securely to the oil cooler
> that you usually bugger the cooler getting the lines off.
> And before you labaste me for using used lines, they're
> better than what's there. If they last a year, I'm ahead
> of the game.
> I think of it as just another car payment. If I had a new car
> loan, I'd be "upside down" on this car. As it is, I need to
> get 8 more months out of it to be even. Eight trouble-free
> months. Time for another sacrifice to the Audi gods.
> Regards,
> Kent McLean,
> whose '89 200 TQ, it seems, can't go a month without major
> work

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