Decal Delivery Problem

Robert Myers robert at
Tue Jul 10 14:48:30 EDT 2001

Hi Y'all,

I have a problem.  Someone has sent me a $5 bill and a request for a pair 
of q-list decals.  Unfortunately, that someone's handwriting is _almost_ as 
bad as mine.  I can't make out where to send the decals.

Here is what I can decipher:

First Initial: M (I think)  (MRKR ???)
Last Initial: D (I'm pretty sure)  (DELTERCio ???)
Address: 26 Rose~~~e St.
City: Portland, ME 04103

This is one problem I try very hard to avoid by requesting a SASE (self 
addressed stamped envelop) with each order.  Oh well...

If this is you, please get back to me before long.

Please be patient with me.  Due to severe flash floods in the area my ISP 
is having great difficulty.  Who knows whether I'll be able to respond to 
an e-mail in the next week or two if even this one gets out.

  Robert L. Myers   304-574-2372
  Rt. 4, Box 57,  Fayetteville, WV 25840 USA   WV tag Q SHIP
  '95 urS6  Cashmere Grey - der Wunderwagen    ICQ 22170244

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