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Larry C Leung l.leung at
Fri Jul 13 10:44:31 EDT 2001

You will need to either buy a pressure bleeder (EZ-bleed) or make one
(spare brake reservior cap, valve stem into the hole, hose and a tire
inflated to maybe 10 psi), lots of brake fluid (like time to bleed the
whole system), and ideally, a second opposite side rear caliper. Bleed,
right rear, left rear, right front, then left front. Ideally, pick a
fluid that's a different color than what you presently have, bleed until
the color changes, then do one more cycle. Doing this every two years or
so may keep the P-brake from sticking again. 


On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 01:50:27 EDT Chaadster at writes:
>Thanks to all who wrote with ideas (knotnook, doyle, leung, et al.); 
>turned out that the caliper piston was sticking.  I removed the 
>caliper, and 
>yes, the e-brake cable was dragging, but it seems to be due to the 
>fact that 
>the piston won't retract (I tried to press the piston in, but it 
>budge).  I'll pick up a new caliper tomorrow and install it ($138, S&G 
>Imports) to verify the assessment.  If there are any tips on caliper 
>installation, don't hesistate to write, as this is my first attempt, 
>and I 
>don't even have a Bentley Manual!  Thanks again, guys!

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