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Fri Jul 13 10:56:23 EDT 2001

I guess this is what Bernie was speaking about when he designed his
Bernie Brace (see Chris Miller's site for parts list). You probably will
have to slot. BTW, thanks for your help on loosening the adjusters. 


On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:12:56 -0700 (PDT) james accordino
<ssgacc at> writes:
>--- jonathanvogel <jonathanvogel at> wrote:
>> Well, I gotta admit, you certainly are a breath of
>> fresh air in the front end align department...The
>> answer I get back is that the front strut towers
>> won't move enuff to align the car properly, sound
>> good, bad, goofy???
>> Any other comments greatly appreciated. I have been
>> sidetracked due to rumble either from center
>> driveshaft bearing or (yikes) center differential. I
>> though the center diffy was bullet proof???
>> Jonathan in seattle
>On my 200q, I'm very near the limit of adjustment at
>the towers.  People have also posted about running out
>of adjustment.  I don't really understand why this
>happens.  Is there anything that could stretch or bend
>over yrs. that might cause this?  ALL my bushings
>(front and rear) are new, so it's not that.  Could the
>sway bar spread?  Could that be a cause?  I don't
>really know.  I don't really want to grind the slots,
>but I probably will try it eventually if I do run out
>of adjustment.
>Jim Accordino

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