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>Well in Burlington I think there is an entire Domino's crew that
>exclusively drives Audi 4000's, or maybe more than just one...  Megan?

I deliver at Domino's (among other things) and like Audis for 
delivery.  They have enough acceleration to move about town quickly, the 
suspension is tight, but not bone-jarring (the Sube is too soft, and the Z 
is too hard,) which is good for constantly traversing railroad tracks and 
potholes, and the fuel economy is great (With my leadfooted style of 
driving, the less horsepower the car had the longer I have to stay on the 
gas with pretty much neutralizes any gas savings over a faster car.   Audi 
is in the sweet spot [along with the 300zx and subaru.] of being fast but 
not having excessive horsepower that would just get me more tickets, notice 
the Sube and the Z are not Turbo's, that is on purpose.  Plus the faster 
the car, the more deliveries you can make, and the more money, which more 
than offsets the additional expense.)

You might think that a real small car would be good, but the suspensions 
just won't take the driving without major repairs early in the life of the 
car, and riding in the car is torture after a few hours.  A midsize or 
sports car is much better.  I variously drive all of the cars below when 
delivering, but prefer the Audi.  Having had both 2wd's and 4wd's I prefer 
the 2wd's as they are lighter and more maneuverable and accelerate better 
than the 4wd's.  I always have the jumboford if a hurricane comes here (It 
snows here about once every 2 years, and the town shuts down except for 
Domino's, so there is little trouble driving as there are no other cars on 
the road to hit.)  My 86 4kcsq gave it's life being rear-ended by a truck 
going 60 while Audi was going 5.  I walked away.

George Selby
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